Specific Heat Capacity - AQA Physics
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Specific heat capacity - You need be able to:
• Recall that the amount of energy stored in or released from a system as its temperature changes can be calculated.
• The specific heat capacity of a substance is the amount of energy required to raise the temperature of one kilogram of the substance by one degrees Celsius
• Recall and analyse the required practical on specific heat capacity of materials
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Which is the correct equation for specific heat capacity? *
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Two different liquids are poured into identical beakers. The same mass is poured and the same heat is provided. The starting temperature is 0C. After 2 minutes Liquid A reaches 60C and Liquid B reaches 30C.
Which statement is correct? *
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The energy supplied is 300J. Calculate the specific heat capacity of liquid A. *
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If an apple pie is cooked in the oven at constant temperature, why is the fruit filling more likely to burn than the pastry? *
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0.5kg of water is heated from 20C to 55C. Calculate the energy transferred to the water, which has a specific heat capacity of 4200J/kgC. *
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A heater is connected to a power supply with a power of 50W. The heater is placed in a container of water for 30 seconds. The mass of water is 100g. Calculate the temperature change of the water. (Specific heat capacity of water is 4200J/kgC) *
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