Wavex IT Maturity Assessment
This short questionnaire provides you a free personalised IT maturity assessment report. With recommendations around the areas of investment made by organisations similar to yours. The survey is broken down into a few key areas with each addressing different aspects of IT.

It is designed for non-IT people, so irrespective of your experience you should be able to answer the majority of questions.

It should take no longer than 3-4 minutes.

Size of company (user numbers) *
Your answer
This section focuses on the stability of your current IT systems. Having a stable IT platform is a critical part of any organisation.
When was the last system failure (e.g. people unable to access email, people unable to access documents) *
In the past 12 months what was the longest period people where unable to work? *
Has anyone in your organisation lost data which has been unrecoverable within the past 12 months? *
Do you and your colleagues feel your IT is helping you perform your roles? *
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