Co-Host or Sponsor The Oh My Heartsie Girls Wordless Wednesday March 2015

I am looking for Oh My Heartsie Girls 11 Co-Hosts and 2 Sponsors for March 4th 11th 18th 25th

There will be as many blogs as I receive signups hosting the WW + 2 Sponsors and will receive a lot of exposure, so this is a great opportunity to gain traffic. The Wordless Wednesday is promoted many time during the first 3 days by myself and you as well.

Oh My Heartsie Girl has accumulated Total 40,659 Followers spread out over Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest

If you interested in being a Co-Host or Sponsor for March with Oh My Heartsie Girl, then please use the form to signup.
You must have a blog, of course.

Add so my emails do not go to spam please

*You will receive a couple of emails for preparation for request of links you want promoted in the WW post. It is important for you to respond or you will be dropped from the rest of the month, as I prepare banners with our photos and it makes it difficult to keep changing.

Must be willing to add the html to set up your blog each week on Tuesday to go live Midnight Tuesday to go live Wednesday

*Agree to provide the link from your blog posts. Remember this does not have to be a post you are publishing that week, it can be one you that was really popular or have had great comment, the idea is to entice people to visit and comment.

If I dont receive a link by [ Sunday Evening ] I will assume you do not want to participate the rest of the month. I wont chase you for your link.

Oh My Heartsie Girl has a good following and growing each month, not only will your blog be seen on as many blogs that sign up the WW, our WW will be shared/posted to my social media twice daily.

Co-Hosts will have all social media added to the WW posts each week with a banner I create each week
As a Co-Hosts your blog link will be pre-loaded into Linky each week as a Co-Host.
Featured post with picture, with link back (Each Week)
Your photo will be included in our group Host Co-Host banner each week

If you have any question contact: Subject: WW March

I will be needing a profile photo for our WW banner.

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If you are interested in participating in the Flash Cash PayPal Giveaway Portion of Wordless Wednesday See More Info:



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