Clackamas Community College Anonymous Sexual Assault Reporting Form

Clackamas Community College encourages all survivors of sexual assault to access any or all of the resources listed on our sexual respect website:

This form is anonymous and confidential. It will be sent to CCC’s Campus Public Safety Office and Title IX Coordinator. Completing this form does NOT constitute a police report or a student conduct report. The information on this form will be used on the CCC annual Campus Security Report submitted to the Department of Education in compliance with the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act (Clery Act).

Anonymous reports are used to gather and record information regarding the incidence of sexual assault on and around our campuses, to track incidents of sexual assault that affect our educational community, and to inform the public about the campus climate.

CCC students also have other reporting options available to them to report sexual assault or other sex offenses. These options are available any time, and can be pursued independently or simultaneously. A CCC Counselor or Confidential Advocate can help talk through your options and can assist you throughout the process of accessing any of these reporting services:

- Clackamas Women's Services Advocate/Hotline (503) 654-2288 (serving all genders)
- CCC Campus Safety Office (503) 594-6650 or (971) 563-0101
- Clackamas County Sheriff's Office 9-1-1 or (503) 785-5000
- Behavior Intervention Team and Student Code of Conduct Complaints (503) 594-3404
- CCC Counseling Department (503) 594-3176
- Title IX Coordinator (503) 594-3300

If you have any questions about this form please call the Title IX Coordinator at (503) 594-3300.

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