Book feedback
Thank you for reading Dreams of Beautiful Whisper. I hope you had as much fun reading it as I did writing it.

I'd love to hear your feedback so that I can get a better feel for where the strengths and weakness lay within my writing and story. Book 2 is still to come, so this information will really help with future improvements.

None of the questions are required. I'm grateful for whatever information you're willing to share.
How satisfied were you with the book?
Not very
Very much
Would you recommend the book to others?
Did you identify with the main character and/or did you like her?
How was the pacing? Did you feel the book was too slow or too fast?
In this scale, a 3 would represent that the pacing was just right.
Too Slow
Too Fast
Did you get lost anywhere in the story? Perhaps forgot what was happening or what the point was?
If this happened, please try to indicate the chapter or a reference to the particular scene, if possible.
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At what point in the book did you get invested or lose interest entirely?
The purpose of this question is to determine at what point in the book (chapter or percentage) you decided that you cared about what happened next; or that you decided it wasn't a book you wanted to finish. At any point in the book did you find it harder and harder to put it down?
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Any additional comments or thoughts that you'd like share?
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Optional Demographics
If you're willing, providing some general information on age range, gender, normal genre preferences etc helps me in determining my more relevant target market.
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