Coombe Sixth Form A Level Classical Civilisation survey 2017
The Classics Department at Coombe is currently reviewing the A Level Classical Civilisation units were offer in 2017-18 as part of the new linear course with OCR. Classical Civilisation is an exciting A Level subject offering students the chance to immerse themselves in the world of ancient Greece and Rome through archaeology, literature, history and philosophy. This course does not involve the study of ancient languages although some students choose to as part of their enrichment activities in their own time. The department organises an exciting range of visits including to Greece, The British Museum, UCL Greek Play and university study days.

Classical Civilisation is highly valued by both employers and good universities because of the opportunity it provides to think deeply, analyse, research as well as creating students who have a broad understanding of our world.

If you are considering studying A Level Classical Civilisation in the future we want to hear about what you are most interested in studying. Thank you in advance for completing the survey below.
Parthenon, Athens 2017
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