RELIEF is searching for a wide range of ICT companies, who have expertise in healthcare, eHealth, interoperability, patient empowerment, etc.

Welcome disciplines are among others: beyond traditional telemedicine, apps, digital platforms, virtual reality, gamification, etc.

The enterprises can be very varied: SMEs, large enterprises, start-ups, research and development centers, spin-offs, etc.

These workshops are a great opportunity for:

• Knowing about the PCP challenge and the common unmet needs identified.
• Learning about the project and pre-commercial procurement processes.
• Taking part of interesting discussion with relevant participants.
• Sharing your doubts and thoughts about the PCP challenge and the tender procedure.

Complete this registration form with your contact details and select the specific Workshop you are interested in participate.

The workshops are free of charge but due to limited spaces it is necessary to register.

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Note, that participating in the workshops neither is a prerequisite, nor gives an advantage for submitting bids in the RELIEF tender.
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