Driftless Safari Evaluation
Thank you for joining us in Driftless Safari over the past 7 years! We hope you have enjoyed participating in Driftless Safari as much as we have enjoyed creating it!

We constantly evaluate Driftless Safari to make sure it is fun, worthwhile, and accomplishing our goals, but we'd love your help as we work to improve the program.

Please take a few minutes to tell us about your experiences, suggestions, and hopes for Driftless Safari.

How many times have you participated in Driftless Safari?
Who usually participates in Driftless Safari in your group? (Check all that apply).
What are the most important things you, your family, or your group gains from Driftless Safari?
What frustrates you about Driftless Safari?
Please indicate if the following changes would increase, decrease, or not affect your likelihood of participating in Driftless Safari again.
Increase Likelihood
Not Affect Likelihood
Decrease Likelihood
Fewer sites to visit (10-15 instead of 20).
More/bigger prizes for visiting enough sites.
Materials only available online. No printed maps, guidebooks, or tote bags.
Guided hikes or other events held at different sites.
More technology-based opportunities (photo scavener hunt, geocaching tie-ins, etc.).
Longer season. Available more than Memorial Day through Halloween.
Finding posts required more searching, longer walks, or more challenges.
What changes could be made to make Safari better for you, your family, or your group?
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What suggestions do you have for attracting new people to participate in Driftless Safari?
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Please share any other feedback you wish.
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