New Uniform Designs!
The M.E.T.S Design Team is a group of creative individuals whose mission is to better our outdated uniforms! Every month, we will turn out four new and exclusive designs up for voting. New designs will only be available for TWO WEEKS at a time! The profits for these design go towards YOU - the students! All proceeds from our team will fund M.E.T.S activities such as spirit week, pep rallys, school events, etc. Together, we can make M.E.T.S the superpower it should be.
Choose whichever design is your favorite! Voting is from Monday April 8, to Thursday, April 18.
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Here are the current uniform design choices!
Take your pick! 🙂
Gear-Up For Success!
Equine Honor!
Mighty Mustangs!
Daring Defenders!
Which design is your favorite?
Any suggestions or ideas for new designs? Share your ideas with us! (Remember, your opinion matters!)
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