GNI Design Accelerator - Application
The Google News Initiative Design Accelerator is a programme that foments innovation and the design thinking mindset in the news and publishing industry.

In this program, your organisation will experience how to deeply empathise with your customers, leverage the power of radical collaboration within your teams, and experiment with possibilities to reduce risks around innovation.

As a pilot project, we're carefully selecting 8 partners that will embark on this journey. If you'd like to be one of them, please fill in this form. Good luck!
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3. What are the current media products in your newsroom? (Select all that apply) *
4. How long has your organisation been operating? *
5. In your organisation, who is responsible for creating and launching new products? Please state their role (Editor? Designer? Marketing intern?) *
6. Do you have a strong product design leader in your team? *
7. Do you have the support of the founder or CEO for this project? *
8. Is there a dedicated, full-time team that will execute this project? *
8.1 Who’s in the team? What are their roles? *
8.2 Who will lead this project from your organisation ? *
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9. Do you have a specific product or audience or organisational challenge that you would like to address with this program? *
9.1 If yes, please describe one to three challenges that you’d like to address as part of this project.. *
10. Could you or your organisation champion and implement the developed solution after the program has ended? *
11. My organisation has the tech capabilities and culture to implement this internally. *
12. Tell us a little more about your organisation: What is the internal appetite in the organisation for constant change, adding new products, and improving current ones? *
13. We believe design is directly related to the value of our business. *
13.1 How would you assess the design maturity in your organisation? *
14. Please explain in a short paragraph how participation in this program will empower your organisation and why you are a good fit for this program. *
15. Will you able to commit a minimum of 8 days of your selected team full time for the trainings and post-program assessment ? *
16. If you are selected for this project, you would be interested in meeting with other applicants, share experiences, or working in collaboration on future projects. *
16.1 If selected, you would be open to sharing the insights (lessons learned and best practices) with the news industry. *
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