AD. Food Delivery App Survey🛵🍕
送餐外賣APP (英文)研究
lease note that we are a well known marketing research company in Hong Kong and now inviting respondents to participant the subject mentioned survey. Details are as follows:We need around 20 respondents, please share with your friend. Many thanks.

*The screening and online surveys will be conducted in Chinese and English.
報名須知 How To apply
- 公司甄選電話主要為: 310786xx,請小心“小熊來電“會攔截,以致無法收到甄選電話。🙏

- 請留意上述要求,填妥以下表格報名,暫時無須提供任何證明。

是以全英語進行,每組會有8-10名被訪者, 過程中會有一位主持,會輪流詢問各被訪者意見及心得,被訪者只需要在被訪過程中講出個人意見便可。

Please note that we are a well known marketing research company in Hong Kong and now inviting respondents to participant the subject mentioned focus group.
Research company will contact the eligible candidate to have a quick check. Please answer to the call.
Contact phone number will start with 310786xx. Please be mindful that Ad-block app may block the call.🙏

Please pay attention to the requirements above and fill in the application form, no prove required.
1. When company received the application, if eligible, the company will call you to verify and confirm your information.
2. For shortlisted candidate, company will call you again to confirm the date/time and provide a briefing.
3. You will receive receive the cash of the incentive ($1,500) once completed the review session.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via Website: / email: / Whatsapp 61526333 (Don't direct use call)
Thank you.
Name in English (Full Name as ID) *
Please provide the English "full name" [need to be the same as the ID card] Since the market research company cannot make a Cold call, if no full name, the company will not call you.
Contact no. (mobile) *
Gender *
Age *
Age 25-39
Nationality *
[E.g. Americans, British, Nepalese, Pakistanis, Canadians …..etc ]
Not born in Hong Kong *
No need proof
Place of Birth *
[e.g. Canada, Sinapore]
Education Level *
Marital status *
Work industry
for reference only and no proof is required.
Respondents and family members Can't working in related industries such as: market research/advertising/media/public relations/ F&B/ Restaurant/Catering Services.
Otherwise will not be invited .
Since such workers are in conflict with talking about services and opinions, those who apply for the above industries cannot participate in this visit.
Occupation (Housewife also ok) *
[Example: Car Access / Fruit Wholesale / Laundry..etc]
Job Title *
[Example: Manager, Clerk, Accountant...etc] (no proof is required.)
Monthly Income (no proof is required.) *
Should include salaries, allowances and other income for yourself, such as stock investment, rent collection, etc. *If not domestic helper, full time staff income cannot <20k. As survey are target high-end supermarkets' customer (no need to proof)
Which areas that you consumed online food delivery the most? *
Living District Working District *
[E.g. Mongkok, Shatin...]
Working District *
[E.g. WanChai, North Point...]
Using which food delivery apps and frequency (If using more than one platform, please specify separately) *
[E.g.: Deliveroo 80%, FoodPanda 20%]
Last 7 day (including today) used “Deliveroo App“ order food* (✳️need proof) *
*If being invited, must whatsapp to provide the proof (latest purchase record) proof which can clearly show least Deliveroo order 📷: Date +Restaurant+Total amount (No need other info.🙅🏻‍♀️)
💯👉🏻Please note , Must : *
(if any) *If not, please leave blank
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