18/19 iPad App Request Form
In order to better serve the students and teachers, as well as maintaining space on the iPads, we are asking teachers to complete the following information when requesting an app. This information will help us to build a database of apps used in the district. If you have any question, please feel free to contact the technology department.

We are not able to buy App Bundles or in-App purchases.

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Click the dropdown arrow next the the App price in iTunes to get a link - copy that link and paste it below. *We need this link so you can get the exact App you are requesting.*
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Curriculum Connection: Are the skills reinforced connected to targeted skill/concept? *
Differentiation: Does the app offer flexibility to alter settings to meet student needs? *
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If you have no personal experience with this app, what is your justification for recommending the purchase? Ex: demonstration at another school.
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Briefly explain how you intend to use this app with the students and how it applies to the state standards. *
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