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Thanks for your interest in scheduling a Closed Loop Lab with Plant Chicago. We currently offer labs in the following subjects:

1) Aquaponics: Design Challenge: Students delve deeper into the science behind aquaponics and learn more about the nitrogen system! Small groups are challenged to design their own theoretical aquaponic system out a kit of simple materials (rubbermaid bins, pump, net pots, etc.) provided for them by Plant Chicago.

2) Aquaponics: Water Chemistry: Students learn the science behind aquaponics, including the nitrogen cycle and importance of amounts of phosphates, ammonia, nitrites and nitrites within the water. Students test our aquaponic water for various parameters. Afterwards, students will lead a discussion on what makes healthy water for both human and plant life.

3) Circular Economy: Challenge your students/organization to think critically about our consumption and solve real world problems! This team oriented workshop compares our current linear economic system by investigating the creation of a plastic bottle vs. a forest ecosystem.

4) Native Pollinators: Learn about the importance of native pollinators for our food system! Students build their own native pollinator habitat for solitary bees made out of reclaimed materials.

5) Vermicomposting: Students build a worm bin for their classroom. Learn more about producers, decomposers and consumers with this interactive worm workshop.

Each Closed Loop Lab lasts roughly 1.5 hours. Labs take place in Plant Chicago’s classroom, aquaponics farm, and/or outdoor learning space at The Plant. All of the Closed Loop Lab curriculum is aligned with Next Generation Science Standards.

See you soon!

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