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By signing this contract, I agree to assume legal custody of the animal whose name is entered below. I fully understand the conditions of adoption are as follows:

1) At no point in time shall this animal be removed or relocated from the adopter’s custody unless arrangements are made to have the animal returned to Chicago Chicken Rescue (CCR).

2) I agree that I am adopting this animal with the intent to keep it for the remainder of its life.

3) This contract ensures that the animal will in no way be abused, neglected, abandoned or utilized for any purpose to obtain money or profit or exploited in any way (such as egg sales or petting zoos)

4) CCR reserves the right to make unannounced visits to inspect the adopted animal’s environment/health and also reserves the right to seize custody of the animal and nullify this contract if the living conditions or health of the animal are in any way unacceptable to CCR or any of its representatives, or if this contract is violated in any way.

5) The adopter agrees to provide this animal with proper veterinary care, proper vaccines and medical treatment to maintain health and happiness of the animal.

6) The animal will never be used for meat nor slaughtered.

7) CCR will prosecute to the fullest extent whereby a violation of this contract is determined at any time.

8) CCR cannot be responsible for the physical condition or temperament of this animal. CCR does not refund any veterinary expenses, license fees or cost of supplies/feed/housing/adoption fees incurred by the adopters.

9) I agree I will not attempt to hold CCR responsible for damages which the animal may do to any person or property. I accept all future liability with regard to this animal.

In signing this contract I agree that I have read and fully understand all of the above provisions. I agree to fulfill these expectations and completely agree to these terms and conditions.

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