The Well at St. Peter's House
Thank you for considering The Well as a place of support and safety for the person you are working with. We will offer what we can.

‘The Well’ is a holistic response to the needs on and around campus caused - and exacerbated – by Covid-19.

It will provide groceries or cooked meals to those in food crisis.
It will address social isolation and loneliness through volunteering, online community events, interactive courses and the opportunity to be part of ‘something bigger’.
It will provide cooking confidence and skills through recipe cards and online streamed content from the team at Milk & Honey.
It will offer a programme of ‘Wholeness’ activities, including Pilates, mindfulness, yoga, crafts and virtual community events.
It will offer pastoral and faith support from the team at SPH.
It will provide an online safe space for conversations about the challenges of Covid-19 and much more.

Once we have processed their application, the person you are working with will receive details from us about when they can collect their first 'Well Pack'. There are three versions of this Well Pack (please see below), the primary difference relating to what level of food provision is offered. In all cases the full online provision will be available at no cost to the person you are working with through their Well Pack offer.

There has already been a high demand for this service, and so we have produced this referral form for a number of reasons:

• This information collect in this form will be stored in line with our GDPR policy and will only be used for the purposes for which is has been collected.

• To ensure that our resources are shaped appropriately for those with the highest needs we have included some questions about factors which create additional vulnerability. There is no requirement to share confidential data, but this information may help us as we manage referrals. Often in these cases it will be easiest to simply pick up the phone and have a chat to ensure we can support the person in the most tailored way to meet their needs.

• We need to keep accurate record of when each person joins The Well, as if the project nears capacity we may need to introduce time-limited places. This is especially true if the person is awaiting other financial support which becomes available to them whilst they are receiving support from The Well. It would be helpful to us if this likelihood was noted in the ‘Other comments’ section at the end of the form (of course, if social isolation remained a factor the person could remain with The Well as an ‘online content only’ recipient, whilst allowing others to make use of the food service part of our provision.

The form will only be seen by the team at St. Peter's House, and not used for any other purposes.

Volunteering: We have remodelled our volunteer programme to ensure it is covid secure, knowing the enormous benefits to emotional well-being from joining a team and volunteering as part of 'something bigger' for the greater good. As you refer please do consider whether it would be beneficial for the person to volunteer on this project - we’ve left space for you to indicate this on the form and will discuss this with the person when we get in touch about their Well Pack.

Well Packs: There are three types of Well Pack available, each one designed with a particular people group in mind and you will be asked to select one. Alongside food and recipe cards/online tutorials, each pack will contain an ‘All Will Be Well’ card. These cards will allow us to offer the holistic, wellbeing focussed online support – and also links to local resources on and around campus (so do feel free to send these to us if you’d like them to be included!)

Well Pack A: This will be our ‘standard offering’ – a grocery pack with dry/fresh food provision. Ingredients and recipes for 7 healthy ‘main’ meals plus nutritious snacks/breakfast bars etc, and dry/’larder’ goods as available. Packs will be usually be collected from SPH weekly, at pre-arranged times with social distancing measures in place, however when a student is isolating delivery can be arranged.

Well Pack B: Our tailored offering will allow us to be responsive to individual needs and requirements. We anticipate this will commonly mean that we provide the meals pre-cooked and chilled as the recipient is not able to cook due to their personal circumstance.

A further variation of the tailored offering may relate to how the pack reaches the recipient. Whilst the ‘standard’ offering will require the recipient to collect their pack, we appreciate that this is not viable for everybody and so will seek to find ways to deliver a limited number of these 'B' to M15 and half a mile either side of the Oxford Road Corridor up to Withington.

Well Pack C: This pack will ensure that no one is sent away from a referral empty-handed. If a student presents who it is felt is not in food or financial hardship, but is experiencing social isolation – or if any other factor has led them to present for referral – they will be given this ‘All Will Be Well Pack’. This will contain some baked goods and a card inviting them to join all of our online content.

Most importantly – we are available by phone. We know that this referral process is not perfect and that no one can be reduced to a single online description. We are more than happy to discuss individual cases or how we can provide individual support. Please do phone us to discuss a referral, we are more than happy to change/bend/ignore the process to ensure that no one gets left behind!

To contact the team to discuss a referral, please phone 0161 275 2894 or contact us through the website. We will try and respond to all referrals to The Well within 24 hours.
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