RFDT To Be Danced 2 Artist Application
Welcome to the ReFrame Dance Theatre TO BE DANCED 2 Application. Please review below information for performance information and requirements. Dance artists of all disciplines and identities are encouraged to apply. Preference will be given to artists based in NJ.

Location: mignolo arts, Metuchen, NJ (easily accessible via NJ transit, and only a ten minute walk from the station)
Dates: October 11th and 12th, 2024 (Friday + Saturday)
Show Time: 8-9pm
Tech Times will be on 10/11 between 5:00 and 7pm
Tech Times can be flexible per artist request
Compensation: A $75 stipend will be given to each selected artist/group.
Application Due Date: 5/31, 11:59pm
You will be notified of a decision by 6/15

Selected artists will have a 10-minute time slot to utilize however they wish to present their own choreography. The full ten minutes does not have to be utilized, multiple pieces of choreography can be submitted to be performed alongside each other, excerpts of longer works are allowed to be submitted, and all dance performance must be live. If multiple pieces of choreography are submitted, their order of performance is subject to review and change by ReFrame Dance Theatre to ensure the evening's programming runs smoothly and cohesively. Both completed performances AND works in the works are encouraged to be submitted. However it is expected that everything is completed by 9/1 and submitted to RFDT for review to ensure the dance meets safety guidelines detailed below. All choreography submitted is expected to be available to be performed both nights.

All submitted choreography should be appropriate for performance in a smaller performance space, approximately 17ft Deep x 35ft Wide

Selected artists are expected to amplify, engage with, and contribute to the marketing effort for the performance through social media and beyond. It is always great to have an audience of familiar and new faces! This performance is also only possible via Co-Production by mignolo arts, who directly benefits from a portion of box office.

The continuation of the the Co-Production series depends on robust audience engagement, which in turn results in robust artist support.

mignolo arts is not affiliated with RFDT, and has strict rules that will be adhered to. Please keep this in mind when submitting choreography to be performed. The below are NOT allowed under any circumstances:
● Leaning against/propping items against the mirrors comprising the upstage wall of the space.
● Use of substances on the dance floor, including but not limited to rosin, powder, and/or tape.
● Use of feathers, glitter, and any other such substances that leave a residue or are very difficult to clean. 
● Smoking, flammable special effects, candles, incense or any other kind of open flame.
● Heavy or sharp objects on the studio floors.

Selected artists will be required to complete a performance agreement contract for RFDT, as well as an agreement for the usage of the space to be given to mignolo arts.

Please direct any questions regarding the application to Reframedance@gmail.com

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