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If you are a reader or blogger who enjoys my work, as well as reviewing books, and would like the opportunity to obtain advanced copies of my new releases for reviewing purposes, please fill out this form.

In order to qualify, you MUST have both an AMAZON account and a GOODREADS account, and you MUST agree to post on both platforms on the dates agreed upon--unless Amazon's being a dick and blocking your reviews. You can also feel free to post on BookBub. BookBub is the shit!

Please note all terms and conditions as you complete the form. Thank you!

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By checking the box below, you agree to never share, distribute, copy, or pirate an advance review copy (ARC) or ebook sent to me from Anne Mercier. Ever. Past, present, and future. Due to the amount of pirating going on, legal action will be taken if a file can be linked back to you. (Sorry for being a hardass) *
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If you fail to post a review and submit the link(s) within three weeks of receiving the review copy more than once, you will no longer be eligible for advanced reader copies or ebooks. No exceptions. *
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