Concern Reporting
You may enter information regarding your concern below. If you would rather discuss your concern you may provide your name and contact information, as well as the general subject or topic of your concern. Providing the brief general subject will help us in our response. You will receive a return call. If desired, you may call the Director of Quality and Compliance at 540. 274.1139 to provide information.
Details of concern. [Provide specific information regarding your concern or incident---information about who, what, where, when, how, and how often.] Thank you for sharing your concern. *
Name and contact information of others with knowledge of information regarding your concern.
What do you view as a desired outcome? (The outcome of an investigation conducted by DePaul often must remain confidential and may only be shared within DePaul on an essential need to know basis.)
Optional information: Your name, telephone number(s), email address, and/or your mailing address. (It is more difficult to substantiate concerns when made by an anonymous source. Providing your name and contact information will help with investigation. While every effort will be made to keep you anonymous, in some situations, anonymity may not be guaranteed.)
I acknowledge that the above stated concern is not a suitable means to report emergency situations, including physical or mental health crisis; threat of harm to self or others; abuse; neglect; or exploitation. I should immediately call 911 to report an emergency. I should immediately report abuse, neglect, or exploitation to the appropriate agency: Child Protective Service, 800.552.7096 and/or Adult Protective Service, 888.832.3858.
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