Vendors - INNU NIKAMU 2019
We are looking for outdoor stands of various types and presented with professionalism, in order to entertain the visitors of the festival. This form allows us to receive your information and properly study your offer.


• ENTIRE TEEPEE - $ 75.00 per day
18 feet in diameter
Electricity and light not included

• WOODEN BOX - $ 75.00 per day
10 x 10 feet
Electrical outlet (1500 watts / 15 amps) and light included

• YOUR OWN SHELTER - $ 45.00 per day
Size to specify
Electricity and light not included

Before filling the form...
It is important to take note of some instructions and information about the stand offer at the festival:

• The festival is attended by 6,000 to 12,000 visitors each year. Being an exterior event, traffic is vulnerable to the weather;

• Entry to the festival ground is not included in the cost of the stand. Each person working for a stand must purchase a daily entry bracelet at one of our counters or a weekend passport;

• We do not provide chairs and tables;

• We are not equipped to supply you with running water;

• It is not permitted to sell items already offered at the festival's main snackbar: frying, chips, soft drinks, bottled juin and water, etc. All profits from the snackbar are paid to the Sports and Recreation Committee and this directive avoids competing with them. It also encourages the diversification of the offer;

• It is not allowed to sell candies and other confectionery. However, we allow the sale of some sweet products such as pastries;

• You are allowed to sell and solicit people only within your installation;

• You are encouraged to promote to your customers recycling and cleanliness of the ground;

• Although we have security guards on site both at night and during the day, you are fully responsible for your installation and security. If you sell "homemade" food, you also become responsible for the safety of your customers. The festival is released from all responsibilities related to any damage, loss or accident on the ground;

• The use of generators is not permitted unless otherwise stated;

• We will not tolerate any aggressive behavior toward any of our employees;

• We are committed to giving you our support as far as we can. We are a very small team and we ask you to respect our instructions carefully and obtain a written authorization before acting against them. Offenders will be expelled from the festival ground/ without reimbursement of entry and rental fees.

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Innu Nikamu's 35th edition will be held from Thursday, August 1 to Sunday, August 4, 2019. Please indicate the days you wish to occupy a booth on our ground. Please note that priority will go to vendors wishing to stay 3 days or more.
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