2019-2020 Dual Language Application
This form serves the purpose of identifying students whose parents wish to enroll in a Dual Language Program. In order to ensure that all applicants are considered for the lottery, parents/legal guardians must submit this application form electronically, no later than April 4, 2019. Participants selected for the Dual Language Program for the 2019-2020 school year will be notified the week of April 22, 2019.
Name of Student:
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Street Address
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Phone Number
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Home School:
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Do you have a sibling currently enrolled in the Dual Language Program?
If "Yes", at which school is the sibling attending?
Grade level of sibling
Is a language other than English spoken fluently in the home?
If "Yes", what language is spoken fluently in the home?
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Which Parent Information Meeting did you attend?
Parent/Guardian Last Name
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Email Address
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I am interested in enrolling my child for the Dual Language Program starting next school year, 2019-2020. If my child is enrolled into the Dual Language Program, given the nature of the development of a second language, our family is committed to supporting our child for a period of at least 5-6 years. *
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