Yiddish Shabbaton @ The Beis Community!!
Dear new friends and old friends, we're excited to invite you to a Beis Shabbaton!

This shabbat is all about celebrating richness and depth of Yiddish life, Yiddish culture, and its revival. Please join us to daven (pray), sing, shmooze (chat), and explore this part of Jewish identity!


Friday Night April 8
7:15pm Kabbalat Shabbat at the Beis 
8:15pm Friday night potluck dinner at The Beis for anyone to join
9:45pm Tisch
spreadsheet to sign up for potluck: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1MRhJrLdccRuU6G0cHIoLeUQER7e6ZpG5eySgscT3BWA/edit#gid=0

Shabbos Day April 9th
9:15am Shacharis at the Beis 
11:45-12:30pm Kiddush in Bennett Park 
12:30-1:15 pm Arun Viswanath on Translating Harry Potter into Yiddish
1:15-2:30pm Catered Lunch - limited spots available
2:45pm Yiddish theater workshop with Mikhl Yashinsky
4:00pm A Yiddish Revival Bentcher: Creating Seder One Shabbos
Free time
6:30pm mincha 
6:45pm seudah shlishit and Chaburot lead by Tova Frank and Yoni Oppenheim
8:11pm Maariv, end of Shabbat, and musical havdala
Beis Address: 587 Ft Washington Ave corner of 187th (beige door on the right), we'll also have a sign and/or greeters to meet you -- all shabbaton activities unless otherwise noted

Bennett Park: Fort Washington Ave between 183rd-184th on the west side of the street -- Kiddush
Brace yourselves for these stats: Before the Holocaust there, were 17 million Jews and around 12 million of them spoke Yiddish.  Of the 6 million murdered in the Holocaust, 85% of them were Yiddish speakers. When trying to rebuild our fractured people, we tried to re-establish our home Eretz Yisrael; it meant that mastering Hebrew language happened precisely at the moment when the Yiddish language experienced a profound trauma.  

In the past several decades, intentional efforts have been made to preserve and grow the Yiddish language. Our teachers and speakers over the course of this shabbat will do just that!!

On a personal level (Shalhevet Sarah Robinson speaking here) -- my father’s first language was Yiddish. Although we didn't speak it in the home I grew up in, I have fond memories of singing yiddish songs and reading the magnificent tales of Isaac Bashevis Singer and I.L. Peretz.  Since my father's passing in January of 2020 from cancer, I’ve been thinking about a way I can celebrate his life. Then when Gavriel Micha Lavi had this idea -- I knew intuitively this would be a beautiful way to celebrate his life and the legacy he's gifted me. My abba would have absolutely loved to be here.

L'ilui nishmat Moshe Nachum ben Yaakov V'Chana Lieba, Morris Robinson, sponsored by his beloved family and sponsored by the Y of Washington Heights.
Looking forward to spending a beautiful Shabbat with you! Questions? Email Shalhevet.robinson@gmail.com

*Disclaimer: knowledge of Yiddish or affiliation with Yiddish culture is not necessary to participate in the programming

The Beis is mask optional for those vaccinated; otherwise, please mask up!
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