St. Norbert College Parish Membership: 2020 Annual Commitment
Hello Members and Friends of St. Norbert College Parish,

What makes St. Norbert College Parish an amazing church? It's not the steeple, it's the people. As we enter the new year we have much to pray for and be thankful for. To prepare for 2020 we are conducting our annual membership commitment which includes a survey of preferred ways to Worship, Grow, Serve, and Connect with the parish. Within the membership commitment, the parish shares ways we can best serve its members and the greater community. We also ask each member for information that will ensure accurate parish records and helps us know your interests in getting involved with parish life through prayer, service and sharing.

Prior to December 15th, all are asked to respond to this electronic confidential form or complete a pamphlet available at church and drop in the collection. If you are no longer a member there is an option to update us and let us know how we can we better serve our parishioners and community.

Thank you in advance for your prayerful consideration and response to this request. May God continue to bless you and your family.

St. Norbert College Parish

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(1) Membership Commitment
As partners and disciples on a journey, we commit to use our strengths and gifts in order to know Christ better and to make Him better known to others. We will enter a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ through our Catholic traditions and Norbertine values as we;
+ WORSHIP - connect with God through a positive environment, place worship and reconciliation as a top priority in life.
+ CONNECT - create relationships with others, recognize Jesus in everyone, intentionally come early or stay after Mass.
+ GROW - deepen ones understanding of faith, commit to daily prayer, strive for growth by participating in Faith Formation.
+ SERVE - imitate Jesus through acts of love and serve others within our parish and community, give back with a heart of gratitude by serving in a ministry, volunteering for special parish events, supporting your parish financially.

We live communio through open dialogue, communication, consultation and collaboration on our journey into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. We are the only Norbertine College Parish in the world and the only personal parish in the Green Bay Diocese. We welcome faculty, staff, students, and those we affectionately call our year-rounders. Non-college year-round members are committed to the St Norbert College Parish vision, mission and membership.

For more information;
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(2) Involvement in Parish Ministries
Knowing that it is healthy to challenge ourselves to become involved but always being mindful of creating balance in our lives we are inviting you to make a decision regarding your current involvement. The following questions allow you to respond to current and future preferred status of involvement in: Worship, Outreach, Faith Formation, or Parish Operations.
Community Care & Outreach
On Campus and Off Campus care and outreach to the greater community. Visit our website to see the many ways to become involved:
I would like to... *
Helping with the sacred and traditional parts of the Catholic Mass. Visit our website to see the many ways to become involved:
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Faith Formation
We are always looking for volunteers to assist with our religious education and programming including sacramental prep, small group leader, special events, etc.
I would like to... *
Parish Operations
We are also in need of volunteers for many other ministries like Monday morning money counters, church building and grounds projects, special event help, etc.
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(3) Annual pledge financial amount. Only enter numbers. Do not enter symbols, no dollar sign. Example $20 week x 52 wks = 1040 *
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Giving Options:
We encourage our members to make an annual pledge so we can budget effectively. There are a variety of ways to give to the parish:
(4) Pause/Stop Ministry Notification: If you indicated you want to "pause/stop involvement" for any of the ministry areas above, please note the area and specific ministry below.
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(5) Please list new address here if changed. General comments, questions or concerns not otherwise covered by this form.
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(6) Membership Status Change: If you are no longer a member, consider leaving us a comment below. Why did you leave? Where did you go? How can we better serve our parishioners and community?
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(7) We would like to hold you in prayer.
Your request will be shared with our prayer team and collectively held up in prayer with other requests at Masses throughout the year. Please visit our Prayer Chain ministry page to make a specific prayer request
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