Mrs. Laramie's 9th/10th CFA #1
Sentence Structure
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Please read the excerpt from The White Circle by John Bill Coliton, and answer the questions below.

It was something about the apple tree it was the color of the red apples as they hung among the green leaves. It was more than this. To do with being proud. I could give the apples to my friend Jennie. "Jennie." I would say, "I want to give you this apple. It came from my tree. The tree grows on my father's land. Before my father had the land, it belonged to his father, and before that, to his father. Now I own the tree.'' Because of this, I am tied to all my people of long ago.
1. Identify the run-on sentence from the passage above. *
1 point
2. Identify the sentence fragment from the passage above. *
1 point
Read this excerpt and answer the questions below.
As soon as I saw Anvol sitting in the apple tree. I knew we would fight. I also knew he would win. But winning or losing was not important, at least not so important as getting him down from the tree. The tree was mine it was a young tree, and it had thirteen beautiful apples on it. Now my beautiful apples were under Anvol's shirt.
The tree became mine the day I was twelve years old. Father called me to come to the barn to see the new young horses. When I got there, father lit a cigarette and placed one foot on the fence. He looked pleased and proud.
3. Identify the fragment in the above passage. *
1 point
4. Look at the run on sentence from the passage and identify the correct way it should be punctuated. *
1 point
Please choose the best answer for the questions below.
5. He had the heart of a lamb, he had the soul of a wolf.
1 point
6. Sitting on a rock, the rumbling thunder faintly heard Candace.
1 point
7. The cat is soft, cuddly, and has warmth.
1 point
8. One option the students have is to fail the test; the other is working long hours.
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