2017-18 Drum Major Application
Drum Majors of the Gateway High School Marching Band should be members that have a strong musical and visual understanding of the ensemble. These students should be outstanding leaders, musicians, marchers, and teammates. Earning the respect of staff and peers is something that is a prerequisite of a drum major candidate, not something that can be done once assigned the position.

All applicants must be in grades 10-12 and have marched in the band/guard for a minimum of 1 year. Ensemble members of any grade are welcomed to participate in workshops or clinics for future auditions, but only students in grades 10-12 will be considered for any drum major positions. Attendance at workshops and clinics does not require a student to audition for DM.

- WEDNESDAY, MAY 3 - 2:45-4:00PM
- WEDNESDAY, MAY 10 - 2:45-4:00PM


Drum Major Audition Requirements:

 All candidates for Drum Major are required to fill out an application. Applications are due to Mr. Hoeltje before the second workshop on May 10.

 Each Drum Major candidate will conduct a musical excerpt(s) that will be provided at the first workshop.

o All candidates will call marching commands to which the other candidates will respond.
o Commands should be clear and in rhythm
o Each candidate will have the same set of commands to call to ensure fairness

o Be prepared to demonstrate all fundamentals
o These marching fundamentals will be evaluated while following the commands of the other candidates.

o Candidates may be asked to TEACH one fundamental (i.e. parade rest, attention, horn up/down, forward/backward march, slide/crab, etc.)

 Following the audition procedure, each candidate will participate in an interview session with the audition committee.

NOTE: In addition to the audition requirements listed above, the successful candidate(s) will have also demonstrated leadership skills, musicianship, and personal responsibility throughout his/her participation in the band program. Any past behaviors, both positive and negative, will be considered when selecting a Drum Major.


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