Luvmilk Order Waiting List
Ever since Autumn of 2019 Luvmilk has blown up in popularity, the support has been overwhelming and tremendous. Unfortunately, I'm only one person who makes everything to-order and who has also recently faced chronic pain and health problems alongside a life long mental-illness struggle. Why am I bringing this all up? Because you may not know why I've been closed so frequently for all of 2020.

As I struggled to get things back on track by making a plan to discontinue products and downsize enough to be able to handle the demand, Covid-19 put a firm halt on all plans and now it's simply a struggle to get supplies. Because of this and the unsatisfactory way I had been operating with the open and closing so frequently I've decided to run a Waiting List.

What this Waiting List hopes to achieve is a chance for everyone to be able to place an order who wants one, for any product available while it lasts. In some cases limitations may be put upon products that are hard to get supplies for (including of their packaging) or products that were planned to be discontinued this year and will eventually run out and I will not be purchasing more supplies for.

I will contact each individual in the order of which their name was put on the list (a first come first served situation). At this time I plan to only take 5 orders at a time (sometimes more depending on the size of these orders) so as to lessen the burden on me physically as well as to be able to keep up on supply inventory the best I can in these uncertain times.

By joining this Waiting List you are guaranteed an order but you are not guaranteed that by the time I get to you all products will still be available (at this time I am not telling anyone what products are planned to be discontinued so that there is no panic buy scenario). While some products are being discontinued without the pre-planned sale periods to give everyone a final chance at getting them, I do hope that once things have become "normal" again (whenever that may be) that I will be able to have these sales.

Now, onto what you're here for. Please fill in the following information to be added to the Waiting List!

Your Name (first and last or a nickname so I know how to address you) *
Your Email address (please make sure this is spelled correctly as this is how I will be contacting you when it is time to place your order) *
Prince Range (this will help me when deciding how many orders to take on at once but this does not have to be firm; you can change your mind when I contact you so please don't worry about this too much) *
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