Enterprise Ethereum Alliance Mainnet Working Group Use Cases Task Force Survey
March 2020

This survey is intended to help the EEA Mainnet Working Group’s Enterprise Use Cases and Requirements Task Force to identify requirements that can be shared with the community and used as a starting point for designing and building technical solutions to fill any existing functional gaps.

Please think about a potential application involving Ethereum Mainnet that are very familiar with when filling out this survey.  Note that your application does not have to be technically feasible today!  We are just as interested in understanding applications that won't work on Mainnet (yet), and why they won't work.

If you have more than one application/use case in mind, we ask that you take the survey multiple times as it's best to capture your responses specific to one use case.  

If you prefer, we can schedule a call with you and conduct the survey by phone.  

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a call, please don't hesitate to email
Daniel Norkin (daniel.norkin@envisionblockchain.com)
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If you prefer, we will treat your submission as anonymous, and will not publish your name or your company's name in any reports or other public material that we produce.
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