Roselia Flower Stand - Chara Expo 2019 in Anaheim Convention Center
organizer: @bakastereo
artist: @aorteau

Hi all! (skip to the end for the tl;dr)

This year I'll be organizing a flower stand for Roselia to show support from all of their international fans. If you wish to participate and have your name on the name board that will go on the flower stand, then fill out the below form and donate at least 10$ USD (or whatever equivalent amount in other currencies, though USD is preferred). If you wish to remain anonymous, please specify as such in the below form.

My paypal is

I am hoping to get as much support as possible from different countries to show Roselia that they are beloved in many different places. Because of that, I understand paypal can be difficult to be used by certain countries, so if you would like to use a different payment method such as venmo, cash app, zelle, wechat pay, etc, contact me and we can figure something out.

You can contact me at @bakastereo on twitter or teddybeargun#4775 on discord.

Also, in collaboration with the other flower stands being organized, if the amount needed to pay for the Roselia flower stand is exceeded, any excess funds will be allocated to helping fund any underfunded flower stand, prioritizing the individual Roselia member stands, with your name still going on the Roselia name board. Here is a link to all other stands being organized for chara expo:

In short, HOW TO DONATE:
1) fill in this form
2) paypal me at least 10$ USD or equivalent other currencies at, or contact me (twitter: @bakastereo, discord: teddybeargun#4775) for alternate payment methods

no set deadline yet, but will most likely be in 2 months, ~Nov 15
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