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Please fill out this online form before your scheduled audition or go to to print a hard copy to fill out and bring with you to your audition.
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Will you concentrate for extended periods of time?
Will you cooperate and be flexible in a group of musicians?
Are you willing to take direction and be responsive to coaching or style changes for singing?
Will/can you blend your voice with other singers?
Will you complete all memorization assignments, including those in foreign languages?
Will you attend and be on time for rehearsals not listed on your conflicts?
Will you alert the artistic director and choir secretary in advance if I will be late or absent.
I understand that attendance at dress rehearsals and the main concert is mandatory.
Will you read and respond to all choir emails in a timely fashion?
Will you work on your music OUTSIDE of rehearsal time?
Will/can you pay the expenses associated with choir dues music and uniform?
Are you interested in financial assistance for choir dues or wardrobe?
I agree to be responsible for $60 dues twice per year (September and January) and for my concert attire (Men: black suit with black and white dress shirts, Women: Dress pants and blouse/cardigan purchased from Formal Fashions for ~$90)
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I commit to volunteer 5 hours for each concert (Fall/Spring) or pay the opt out fee of $75. *
I understand that absences must be submitted and cleared in advance with the Artistic Director.
I understand that if I need to miss more than two rehearsals per concert I will need advance approval from the director.
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