Illuminated Training- 2021 Application
I'm SO excited to see you are ready to become a leader in your industry and build the tools to help you create massive impact for your clients. I can't wait to support you in this journey!

Please answer all the questions below to be considered for the February 2021 class of Illuminated.


There are no "right" answers, so just answer the questions truthfully so we can see if you are good fit to join this round of training.

Spaces are limited and we do anticipate selling out spots before the cart actually closes.

Thanks for taking the time to share about YOU in advance!


P.S. Questions? Email
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Email *
Part of the application process is a review of your social media accounts to see what you're currently up to! Drop your handles below: *
If you are currently running a business, tell us about it! If this would be the beginning of your business, note that as well :) *
How did you hear about Sarah (The Uncensored Empath) and/or the Illuminated training program? *
What inspired you to apply for Illuminated? How do you hope to implement all the learnings inside? *
If you've done any coach training or certifications previously, which ones? And any reflections on them? *
What are you most excited about, should you be accepted? And what, if anything, would stop you from saying yes? *
We have many payment plans which start at $500/month at the current investment rate. If Illuminated feels like a HELL YES for you, do you have the resources to enroll today? *
This is an accumulation of thousands of hours of my own trainings & personal development work. It is intimate & we will dive in deep. I'm only accepting individuals who I know will implement these tools to help raise the vibration of the planet. *
A huge part of this training is the willingness to be the student, to look at your own shadow, and an openness to heal so that you can step into leadership. *
This program is for women who are willing to take full ownership of their success and confront their fears. We will be doing deep reprogramming work together. *
We respect and value your time. If you are not a great fit at this time, we will email you with other options that are more aligned. Otherwise you'll be invited to enroll! There will be an opportunity to connect with Sarah as well. *
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