Agency Transportation Survey
Dear Community Member;
Citizens For Improved Transit is working with the Florida Department of Transportation and Gulfstream Goodwill Industries to help you with your transportation needs.

Citizens For Improved Transit actively advocates for people who are transportation disadvantaged. Your input will help us to improve transportation systems in our community. We hope that by finding out some of the transportation needs of the community, we can all work together to be a part of the solution. It will be a team effort, working with transportation providers throughout the Martin and St. Lucie Counties. But, we cannot do it alone, we need you on our team.

Your voice is Important!

We would greatly appreciate your help to answer a few questions so that we can better understand you, and what you need for your transportation.

The goal is to identify ways to improve your transportation options. This includes your access, availability, and safety when using transportation in the community. Your assistance in answering these questions will also help other individuals who are transportation disadvantaged. Individuals’ names will not be required to complete the survey. The individuals answers you provide will not be shared with any other agency. The only information that will be shared is the common problems people are having as a group, so we can look for solutions. There is no monetary compensation for participating in this survey. Your participation is completely voluntary.

Thank you!

Respectfully yours,

Tomas Boiton
Mobility Management Facilitator

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