Be a Man 21 Day Challenge
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Why this challenge? At Shiftbalance, we believe that true peace and balance will only come in the world if each of us does their part, both men and women.
We can see many initiatives out there to empower women and we wanted to offer a safe space for reflexion and conversation to men out there. More information on our work so far here:

Manhood is a complex topic to navigate, gender roles are evolving, people talk about toxic masculinity, healthy masculinity, but what does it mean? The objective of this challenge is to explore together during 3 weeks what it means for you to be a man, without any judgement or preaching.

Every day, we will send you a short text and some questions to foster a conversation around a topic related to manhood. You can share your thoughts by text or voice message or remain silent if you prefer.

In order to prepare yourself for the challenge, we invite you to download our book Balance the World
and especially our chapter 15 dedicated to Manhood, where you can find useful resources.
We also invite you to read this summary of 2 beautiful books from bell hooks:

Now let us know a bit about yourself!

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