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Thank you for your interest in training at the Xtreme Wrestling Center! Feel free to contact us on our Facebook at www.facebook.com/xtremewrestlingcenter with any questions. You may also schedule a FREE meeting with us to tour the facility, which is located at 11513 E. 63rd St. Raytown, Mo.

NEW WRESTLING APPLICANTS: There is a $35 tryout and Evaluation fee and if you're accepted into our Beginner program then you have the option to practice up to 7 days per week, although on some days we prioritize advanced trainees. Cost per month is $165.

We expect our beginner trainees to train at least 3 days a week to stay on track for graduation, but if you can only attend two days per week due to your job schedule then we can work with you. Contact us for more information.

Manager / Referee training: $35 Tryout, $75 per month.

ALL OTHER APPLICANTS (Wrestling Veterans or Part-time trainee's): We are happy customize pricing to your specific situation.

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Classes run Monday through Friday, 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM, and Saturday / Sunday 2 PM - 5 PM. Can you be available during these times for training?
*If not then leave a message in the comments with your availability.
Do you have any health problems which might prevent you from intense physical training? (Including but not limited to heart issues, liver or kidney and/or brain trauma). If yes or uncertain then please describe. *
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Do you have any diseases or skin disorders which might be spread to other trainees? (Including but not limited to MRSA, Ringworm, Athlete's Foot, or any virus or bacterial infection) If yes or uncertain then please describe.
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Be advised, what you'll be learning has the potential to cause injury. We recommend that every wrestling trainee has their own health insurance coverage.
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