Physical Worship Survey
Thank you for participating in this confidential short survey.

As we look forward to safely gathering again in person at St. James Parish, this survey will help us in planning our return as well as where we go from here as we adhere to orders and recommendations from Governor Cooper and Bishop Skirving. We will also encourage all high-risk individuals to stay home rather than risk the chance of infection. With this in mind, please check all that apply
1. As phases 2 and 3 of Governor Cooper’s three-part plan to safely reopen the state allows for face-to-face worship, which best describes your attitude to returning to an in-person worship service at church? Select one: *
2. Would you attend a worship service where the following were mandatory? Select all that are personally acceptable to you. *
3. Have you participated in online worship during COVID-19 restriction? *
4. Has online worship been satisfactory during COVID-19 restrictions? *
5. I usually attend (summer schedule) *
6. When I return to in-person worship, I plan to attend (summer schedule) *
7. Would you attend an evening worship service? *
8. If you do not feel you will return to in-person worship for the foreseeable future, what do you hope our church will be able to provide so you feel connected to our worship? (check all that apply)
9. How do you currently feel about any of the following anticipated changes to worship: *
Strongly Agree
Strongly Disagree
No bulletin or newsletter handouts.
No choir or hymns sung during worship (only soloist performing)
No in person Eucharist, possibly until 2021.
New methods for receiving offering, encouraging digital giving
Changes in worship times/locations to allow for cleaning between services.
Limiting amount of attendees to a worship service.
10. Would you be willing to attend your Faith Formation class where it typically meets? *
11. Which communication methods have been your PRIMARY sources of information and connection to St. James during COVID-19 restriction? Check your top 3. *
12. How would you describe any adjustments you’ve made to your giving during COVID-19 restriction? *
13. How long have you been attending St. James *
14. What is your age? *
15. Do you have children age 18 or younger who live with you and typically attend church with you? **If you answer YES, please complete questions 16 - 17.** *
16. Would you allow your child(ren) to attend their Faith Formation class where it typically meets?
17. What precautions, if any, do you expect the church to take in children and student small groups when they resume? Select all that apply
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