Japanese Cultural Festival 2018 Vendor Application
Thank you for showing interest in becoming a vendor at the 2018 Japanese Cultural Festival in Santa Fe. As a vendor, you contribute directly to the experience of our guests. For this reason, Santa Fe JIN works to ensure your experience as a vendor is equally rewarding. JIN will work to address your concerns as best as possible throughout the vendor process. If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know as soon as possible by sending email to president@santafejin.org.

Most of the information on this form is very important. It will influence how your booth is advertised in our program, so please take the time to fill it out completely and as if it were to be read by your customers at the Festival.

Please wait to send payment for booths till after your application has been accepted. To ensure the vendor experience is a good one, JIN limits the number of vendors for certain products, meaning all applications are subject to approval. If accepted, an email will be sent to the address provided with additional instructions for a variety of payment methods.

Thank you,

Casey Janes
President, Santa Fe JIN

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Application Overview
This application is divided into five sections.

Business Profile - In this section we collect the information relevant to your business profile. Some of this information is published in our program, so fill it out completely and professionally.

Product Portfolio - In this section we collect information relevant to your products. JIN is committed to doing what it can to ensure a profitable result for vendors, so we use this information to ensure we have a well balanced vendor environment. Typically, we allow no more than 3 vendors of a particular specialty, whether it be pottery, jewelry, textiles, etc.

Booth Configuration - In this section we collect information relevant to how you would like your booth setup.

Special Event Application - Everyone conducting financial transactions in Santa Fe has to be licensed. JIN is here to help with that!


Business Profile
Name of Business *
This is the name we will use in our program.
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Business Description *
A short sentence or two describing the goods available at your booth. This will be listed next to your business name in the program. Imaged below is a sample of the descriptions used in last year's program.
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Contact Name(s) *
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Mailing Address *
We only use this information in the event email communication fails.
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Phone Number *
We only use this information in the event email communication fails.
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Product Portfolio
Applicable Product Types and Sources
Please select all applicable product types and their sources. Any change to the applicable product types and sources after submitting this form must be approved by Santa Fe JIN before they can be offered at the Festival. If a product is not hand crafted or imported from Japan, the use the "Other" source.
Imported from Japan
Other Clothing, excluding T-shirts
Packaged Foods
Bags, clutches, acessories
Calligraphy Services
Kitchen Goods
Describe "Other" Products
If you identified "Other" Product Types, please describe the product here.
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Booth Configuration
Booth Type and Size *
Booth sizes come in 10x10" increments. There are two sets of rates: $235 per 10x10 for Business and $165 per 10x10 for Non-Profit. The Non-Profit rate is only extended to those organizations that have either 501.3(c) or 501.4(c) status with the IRS. If you do not have this status, your rate is the Business rate.
Booth Lighting *
It's very important that you know that the lighting in the Convention Center is *not* trade show quality. It is ballroom quality. If you want to be sure that the lighting meets your needs, please bring your own lighting. Over the years, we've seen times where ceiling bulbs have blown, literally days before the event, leaving booths shrouded in less-than-optimal lighting.
Tables and Chairs *
This year we're planning to have the Convention Center setup tables and chairs. Please identify here the number of tables and chairs that you need for your booth. Tables are standard width and come in 6" and 8" lengths and can be skirted in black cloth and topped in black vinyl. The tables themselves are a dark brown, dense plastic and are rated for several hundreds of pounds of weight. You're welcome to bring your own tables and dressing if you like. A single booth will typically use one or two, while double or triple booths use 3 or more. Additional tables may be available on the setup day as needed, but dressing the table will be your responsibility.
Example of 6 foot table skirted with black cloth and topped with black vinyl.
Example of 6 foot table skirted with black cloth and topped with black vinyl.
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Special Event License
Special Event License Fee *
To conduct financial transactions of any kind at our event, you must have a special event license from the City of Santa Fe. The fee for the license is $10, which we are happy to process for you with the City. If you would like us to do that for you, please indicate below. If you hold an annual license with the City, you do not need a license for our event.If you do not have a Special Event License from the City on the day of the event, you will be prohibited from conducting financial transactions of any kind. Your booth fee will not be refunded for failure to have a special event license, unless you've requested JIN to get one for you and JIN has failed to do so. All requests for Special Event licenses obtained through JIN must be received one calendar week before the event.
By clicking on the Submit button below, I confirm and acknowledge I understand there will be no refunds for booth fees. I understand that Santa Fe JIN and the Convention Center reserve all rights to require adjustments to booth installations on the day of the event. I understand that JIN will only provide, at most, electricity, tables, and chairs for my booth. JIN will not provide materials for any other forms of display, walling, or drapery.

Furthermore, I confirm and acknowledge I understand if I am going to be conducting financial transactions of any kind at the event for any purpose, I must have a Special Event License from the City of Santa Fe.

Furthermore, I confirm and acknowledge I understand only once payment in full has been received by Santa Fe JIN will my booth reservation be confirmed in writing by Santa Fe JIN. If payment in full for my booth has not been received within a month of the event, my reservation and any portions of the payment submitted up to that point may be forfeit.

A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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