Classical Promise Grant Application
The Classical Promise Grant is available to any high school student, college student, teacher, or homeschool instructor who wishes to create or maintain a Latin/Classical Studies program, geared towards elementary/middle-school-aged students. Middle school students may also apply in conjunction with a sponsoring teacher/parent. Use the form below to apply for a Classical Promise Grant.
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Project Proposal
Describe the program you plan to create or maintain with funds from the grant. It is important not only to describe the structure of your program, but also your motivation for creating it. Please also provide information about the elementary/middle school or home school group where you propose to hold this program, or the elementary/middle school children who it will benefit.
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Grant Size *
Grant Funds
Please describe how you plan on using the funds from this scholarship to create and/or maintain your program. Please include an itemized budget, including each item, quantity, approximate price, and total cost. For items such as copies, please estimate the cost to the best of your ability. Available funds range from $50 to $200.
Grant Funds *
Please type the exact name (you yourself or your school) to whom the check should be made out, as well as the address to which it should be mailed. This will help to avoid any delays or confusion if Ascanius is able to award your grant.
Based on your identification, you may be asked to submit the name of a supervisor who will support your work with this grant.

Middle school and high school student applicants are required to submit the name of a supervisor. This supervisor should also submit a recommendation on your behalf.

College student applicants are required to submit the name of a supervisor. If you wish, this supervisor may also submit a recommendation on your behalf.

Teachers, instructors, and professors do not need to submit the name of a supervisor or a recommendation.
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