Mt Evelyn Street Party - Stall Application Form 2019
The Mt Evelyn Street Party Committee invites you to apply for a stall at this years Street Party on Sunday 27 October 2019. The theme is again the 1950s, incorporating the feel good nature and community spirit of that time.

This year’s Street Party will have a focus on being more environmentally conscious and is a Smoke Free event.

All areas of the booking forms will need to be filled in to be considered for a stall. Only completed applications including all relevant document will be assessed!

Upon being offered a place you will receive an email with payment details. Full payment must be received in to our nominated account with in the allocated period of 7 days (payment due date will be in the email). Failure to pay within the time frame will see your application removed.

Please carefully read the Terms & Conditions listed below.

Applications close - Friday 2nd August 2019 5pm
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If used, they will only be used to promote the upcoming Street Party on 27 October 2019 and will highlight your stall.
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NOTE: All items must be contained within your site area including advertisement material.
Describe of Your Stall *
Please specify the items you will sell/promote/display, etc. at the Mt Evelyn Street Party. This allows the committee to ensure there is sufficient variety and limited duplication. Eg. "Food and drinks" is too broad, please say "Devonshire tea" or similar. Food vendors are requested to source environmentally sustainable consumables and preference will be given to those stall holders – Please provide details below: eg: Aluminum cans for drinks, plant based/environmentally responsible food containers ect. We Request No single use or plastic bags, plastic drinking straws or balloons.
Will you be using a generator within your site? *
If YES please advise below the type of powered generator / the decibels?
Price Range of Items *
If your Stall would like to include an activity (free or requesting payment), please describe the activity you will providing throughout the day. *
NOTE: This will be Subject to Mt Evelyn Stalls Committee Approval. This allows the committee to ensure there is sufficient variety and limited duplication. You will be advised once your application has been accepted. Failure to abide by this request will make your application null & void / participation in future events
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Special Site Requests/Other Comments *
Please note: Every effort will be made to meet special requests, but they cannot be guaranteed
Have you attended the Mt. Evelyn Street Party as a stall holder in previous years? *
Please advise your Year of attending & Business name
Public Risk Indemnity *
The exhibitor/stall holder accepts all responsibility for any property damage and/or personal injury to person/s arising out of or in any way related to carrying on the business or activity of the exhibitor/stall holder to their participation in the Festival. The exhibitor/stall holder hereby indemnifies the 2019 Mt Evelyn Street Party accordingly.
The Committee reserves the right to refuse applicants.

There will be no stalls accepted on the day under any circumstances.

PRIVACY NOTIFICATION: The information requested on this form is being collected for the purpose of organising the Mt Evelyn Street Party. The information will be used solely by this committee for that primary purpose or directly related purpose and will not be disclosed to any other party except as required by law. Should enquirer be received after the Street Party regarding your stall, these will be forwarded on to you.

Please note, the Street Party is run by volunteers so please allow up to two weeks for responses to confirm receiving your application enquiries. Our aim is to have a relaxed, fun and efficiently run Street Party.

Stall holders are requested to listen and respect our volunteer team at all times, to listen and follow
all instructions on the day for both yours and public safety.


To be eligible for hiring a site at this event you are required to agree to the following Terms & Conditions.

• 3 X 3 / 3 X 6 metre site, must be inclusive of stall / marquee and weights. (Pegs cannot be used to tie down anything, weights must be used.)

• Site holders are to provide all their own shelter/gazebos/tables/Chairs… etc.
• No Electricity or water sites provided
• No car parking in event area (excluding Emergency Vehicles).
• All relevant council permits and insurance are the full responsibility of the stallholder.
• Priority will be given to local business/organisations/community groups.
• Activities/displays must be contained within stallholders allocated area & ensure their site display is of the highest quality which will contribute to the overall aesthetics of the event. Spruiking and amplification are not permitted.
• Stallholders will be required to have their stall open for the full duration of the Street Party (10am-4pm). No stalls are to pack up early, unless there is an emergency / directed by emergency services or Event Coordinator on the day.
• The Organiser has the right to take photographs or video recordings of the Street Party, including those of individual
Stallholders, stalls and products. These shall be for promotional purposes only.
• Stall holders must bump in , in their allocated time. If you try to bump in early you will not be given
access to the site until your specified time.
• Stall holders may unpack their car/van on to the site, they must not set up any part of their stall
(including gazebos, garment racks, signage or display) prior to removing their car/van.
• Any stall holder who is in breach of this rule and is found to be setting up will be asked to pack up
and leave the site immediately and will not be issued a refund. This is for the safety of all stall
holders and public and will not be invited back to Street Party.
• Bump out – please follow the instructions of the traffic marshals and enter the site as directed, this
will be addressed in your stall holder pack for the day.
• Selection / positioning of stalls will be entirely at the discretion of the Organiser of the Street Party.
• The Mt Evelyn Street Party Committee reserves the right to close down / reject any stall where the behavior is in the opinion of the committee unlawful or objectionable to the public or other stall holders and not in the keeping with the purpose and image of the Street Party. Eg. Illegal drugs, pornographic material, weapons or aerosol spray paint CANNOT be sold.
• Stallholders are responsible for removing any and all rubbish away from stalls after the event & to keep their allocated area in a clean and habitable condition throughout the day. Stallholders must remove their own rubbish at the events conclusion.
• No smoking is permitted within in the event.
• All stallholders must make their own provision for cash handling.
• Stallholders are responsible for the set up and pack down of their own stall.

• All food stalls must provide a copy of food permits and comply with all council health regulations
• Please arrange for replenishments of your supplies if you run out of stock before the end of the day.
• Anyone providing cooked food must have a person in attendance that has completed the Certificate of Food Handling. Anyone selling food or drinks must also have a Temporary Food Registration Permit from Yarra Ranges Council.
• These certificates must be available at the stall on the day and copies should be sent to the Street Party with your application. If you are not sure whether this applies to you then please visit: or contact the Yarra Ranges Council Health Department by calling 1300 368 333.
This must be emailed to as part of your application.
• Please note that Council officers attend the Festival.
• All food vendors must have a regulations Fire Extinguisher on site at all time.

• All stallholders must submit a copy of their current Public Liability Insurance (PLI) certificate for $10,000,000.
This must be emailed to as part of your application.
• If your policy expires before 28th October 2019 please send your current policy now and then send the new certificate when it has been renewed.

• Mt Evelyn Street Party is an outdoor event.
• In the event of extreme weather conditions (extreme heat, heavy rain, strong wind), industrial action, electrical failure or any other cause updates will also be posted on our website & Facebook Event page
• In the unfortunate event that cancellation takes place of the 2019 Mount Evelyn Street Party there will be no refunds.

• The stallholder is required to comply with the Victorian Health and Safety Act to ensure stall set up will not jeopardise public safety. It is the responsibility of the stallholder to ensure their products comply with Federal and State requirements.
• Marquees, furniture, display and all other equipment brought onto site by stallholders will be checked by the Public Safety Officers prior the event opening to the public. If the Public Safety Officer deems your set-up or equipment to be insufficient, unsafe or otherwise unsuitable you will have to remedy the situation or cease operation.

• All cords and leads must be tagged and tested by a registered electrician. (There will be NO exceptions)
• Any stallholders using electrical equipment as part of their display will be required to provide a 4.5kg ABE fire extinguisher.

• Email confirmation will be sent to you upon acceptance of your application.
• Payment for stalls must be made within 14 days of email confirmation from the Mt Evelyn Stalls committee.
• Stalls cannot be sublet or shared without prior approval.
• Cancellation of your stall after payment will incur a 50% admin charge and remaining amount will be
refunded. If your cancellation is with in the 4 weeks prior to Street Party you will forfeit your full stall cost.

• As direct in acceptance email from Mt Evelyn Street Party Stalls Committee.

Applications close - Friday 2nd August 2019 5 pm

The Mt Evelyn Street Party Committee reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time.

Thank you once again for your interest and support of our local community.
If you are a Sponsor of the 2019 MESP - please advise of the package:
Any other questions / comments:
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