PA’LI 2020 :: Passion of Life festival
Shamanic Drums Making and Drumming application form
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PA’LI :: Passion of Life festival :: August 6 - August 30, 2020, Poreč, Croatia
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Select drumming only or a type of the drum you want to make (drumming included)
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Shamanic Drumming (IFA): 60 €
- 20 spots available
/ non-refundable deposit: 20 € /

IFA Shamanic Drums Making (IFA) + Drumming (IFA): regular* 450 €, early bird** 400 €
- 10 spots available
/ non-refundable deposit: 150 € /

** early bird – you apply and pay a non-refundable deposit within early bird period
* regular – you apply after early bird period
Agreements *
The application is valid after payment of the deposit or full price is received
Valid application is required for your place to be reserved and to claim early bird price

Udruga Ars.Polis (NGO)
Anke Butorac 9
52440 Poreč
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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