We are now accepting requests for workshop facilitators for our 2019 Community Impact Conference which will be held on Monday May 13th from 9:30am to 4:30pm at Christian Stronghold Church 4701 Lancaster Avenue in Philadelphia.

This will be the 3rd annual Community Impact Conference that the South Philadelphia Prevention Coalition (SPPC) will be hosting. In partnership with the West Philadelphia Prevention Coalition, Christian Stronghold, United Communities and DBHIDS each year during National Prevention Week, SPPC gathers experts who are committed to building strong communities and helping to reduce violence and drug usage along with providing helpful information to support the youth and families in our cities.

Below is a list of some of the topics we’re looking for facilitators to cover. However, please feel free to submit any topic that you believe would be beneficial to our conference attendees. We will be reviewing all requests to make sure we bring in the speakers we know that will be “Inspiring Action and Changing Lives!”


• Teen Talk - Creating Youth Leaders
• Opioid Crisis
• Drugs and Suicide
• Trends in Drug Use
• Drug use in the LBGTQ Community
• Law Enforcement and Community Engagement
• Advocacy and Policy Change
• Mental Health
• Substance Prevention
• Treament and Recovery

All workshops will be one hour in length. If you are interested in being a speaker at our conference please check here to complete an application. Deadline is March 29, 2019. Any questions please email Jeffrey C. Jones at: JeffreyJones@UCSEP.org

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