Ideas for NDPC Adult Education Classes
This is a form to begin our brainstorming for the 2020-2021 Education Year. Is there a topic you hope we will offer? Is there a class you want to teach or co-teach? We are open to ideas for in-person classes on Sundays from 9:30-10:30a.m. or Sunday evenings from 6:00-7:30p.m. We are also open to ideas for virtual classes that are monthly or weekly during the day or evening.

We don't yet know what the summer and fall will bring in terms of our church life and therefore our opportunities for spiritual formation together. But we are open to your suggestions. We may need to do a hybrid of small groups and virtual. So brainstorm away!
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Would you participate in a virtual class presented through Zoom or other video-conferencing?
Small groups and virtual classes can happen any time, not just Sundays. Please indicate any preferences you have for when a class or group is offered in the free space below.
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Would you be interested in content provided by podcast or video that you can access weekly but at your own pace?
Why wait till September 2020 to start a new class, I would like to learn in the summer. Here's an idea...
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