Spring 2021 Grant Application
LEAF has three categories of grants that we award to educators in Ledyard Public Schools. The Teacher Mini-Grant is a grant up to $2,500 - this grant is more focused on individual classroom ideas. The Growing Grant is a grant between $2,500 and $10,000 - this grant is ideally used for grade level or subject area teachers to apply for together. The Capital Grant is for an undetermined amount of money - this grant is generally determined between district administrators and the LEAF Board of Trustees - and can not be applied for by individual teachers.

Deadlines for consideration:
Fall grants – November 15th
Spring grants - March 31st

For questions email Felix Vajdos, Grant Chairperson at Grants@ledyardeducation.org
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Overview /Summary - Please provide a one or two sentence description of the project. Outline details of what kind of activities will take place and how they will be integrated into your grade level/course curriculum. *
Objectives/Purpose of the proposal - Specific student achievement objectives that you hope to promote with this project. *
Evaluation/Techniques of Assessment - Please detail how learning outcomes will be assessed. Describe also how you can establish that the project has enhanced student learning and/or improved teaching practices. *
What do you expect will be the long-term benefits of your project? *
Support - Are there other organizations or individuals within or outside the school that can contribute to the success of your grant? If so, how will you coordinate their involvement? *
Certification: By submitting this request, I certify that all information in this request form is correct to the best of my knowledge. If this request is approved by LEAF, within 30 days of the project completion, I will submit a summary report of the projects learning’s and outcomes along with an accounting of all income and expenditure items for the project. If funded by LEAF, I grant LEAF the right to use this proposal for public information. *
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