Volunteer Sponsored Seva 4 Smiles Cafe at Sandhya Kirana, Elders Day Care on Saturday, 08th December
May 27th 2017 is the day we went to this place and all of us were overwhelmed by the love we received in return. Its time to go back to that place on Saturday 8th December.

Having their own children and not being taken care at the old age is something difficult to digest. Yes. This is the trend these days as Children dont even bother to talk to their aged parents, These elders stay with their own children But being neglected and ignored. They come here to spend time with their peer group and also get to make some pocket money. They also get Breakfast, lunch and Snacks. Of course they miss the love. and we are going there to give them just that.

Its a Volunteer Sponsored Seva . Register ASAP.

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Do you wish to Carpool with fellow volunteer, If Yes, Please mention if you wish to avail or provide. If you have a Four Wheeler Please Provide. *
Though we make an attmpt, We dont promise Car pooling. Please keep in mind that you might have to come on your own.
Seva works on Volunteer Contributions. Though not sufficient, Min of Rs 500 /Person is required to Sustain this event. More is welcome as we also encourage students and those who really cant afford to join us in serving. For those who are working, Your contribution is Very Very important. Off-late there is not so a positive trend in Contributions. (Thanks to contributions from couple of Generous volunteers , We are still afloat). We request you to support us to continue spreading love and smiles. Though You can also contribute in cash on the day of the event, we suggest you can also PAYTM/TEZ your contribution in advance to 9845392627 (Tharanath) Please leave a message. *
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Which Locality/Area are you coming from *
Indiranagar, Peenya, Jayanagar etc,.
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Student, House wife, Employed and Interests and hobbies. Also you can mention what brings you here. How ever subtle it may be.
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Do and Don'ts - Since we visit places of sensitive types. We will have certain appropriate instructions to be followed..One of common one is----No photography in any medium. We will have a official person dedicated to the task. We will dedicate all the time and full concentration for Seva. Do we agree? *
More Information on dos and dont will be in the detailed invite..
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