BYMT Musician Pool Application Form
Please use this application form to apply to join the BYMT Musician Pool.

Applications are welcomed year round and students are chosen for projects as needs arise.

Please note:
- projects take place during the school holidays for 1-2 weeks and are residential.
- you must be aged 11-21 during the project.
- applicants should be at least grade 7 standard on their instrument(s)
- there will be a cost to take part in the project, depending on which show you are offered. (£500 - £750)
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Please only state fixed/non-movable commitments as this may harm your chances of being chosen for a 2021 project.
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How would you rate your sight reading skills? *
1 being "not good!" and 10 being "throw anything at me and I'll play it!"
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Describe your ensemble playing experience. *
Please describe any conditions you have that may affect your involvement e.g. Asthma, dyslexia
Video Performance
Please send your video to, you can send it as a MP4 file, DropBox link, WeTransfer etc.
Alternatively, you can give us a link to a specific video of you playing on youtube or similar.
Under 18s
For applicants currently under 18 years old, please give us details of a parent/carer who is supporting you in this application:
Name of parent/carer
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I declare that the information I have provided in this application form is, to the best of my knowledge and belief, correct and complete.
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Information on this form will be held digitally for the duration of the recruitment process. If successful, personal records will be used for contractual and Alumni purposes (i.e. payroll, personnel administration and statistical).
BYMT is committed to providing equality of opportunity irrespective of race, colour, ethnic or national origins, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, age, disability, religious or political beliefs, economic status, or class.

In order to help us ensure our policy is being carried out, it would help if you would complete the following details. Please be assured that any information that you provide will be treated as confidential.

Thank you for your assistance.
How would you describe your ethnic origin? *
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