Saigon Free Walking Tours Booking Form
For emergency, please contact:
Tour Operators: +84 122 806 4730,

SFWT is a non-profit organization that is founded by Hoa Sen University's lecturers and runs by students. SFWT is established with the purpose of helping students improve conversational English, connecting with international friends, gaining more experience in the tourism field and also to provide half day tours for tourists who visit Hồ Chí Minh city. Please follow these steps to join us on our tours.

STEP 1: Complete and submit booking form.
STEP 2: Please note that we will only sent you an OFFICIAL CONFIRMATION when the tour is completely ready, usually 2 to 3 days BEFORE the date the tour begins.
STEP 3 : When receiving our confirmation, please DO REPLY so that the tour is officially arranged, otherwise the tour is cancelled.

Most of our tour are free private tour. After receiving your booking info, we'll start looking for guide to accompany you. A confirmation email will only be sent to you once the tour is thoroughly arranged. Please do reply to it so that the tour is officially confirmed.

Please note:
Booking 1 week in advance is advised

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