Keyers - Trial Application
This is the official Keyers FC application for requesting a trial. If you wish to obtain a rank, please fill out this form and keep your in-game private chat ON, so a rank who is eligible to trial may contact you in regards to your trial. Alternatively, if you wish to trial with a specific rank, a list of current ranks will be provided below. Our trial guide can be found on our website; you are required to read this guide prior to your application/trial.

C1 Ranks
If you are looking to apply for a c1 rush rank you DO NOT have to fill out this apply form, you simply have to read the Rush/Medium Ranks section at and take the quiz at
After you've taken the quiz pm a captain or a general to pay your deposit. We do not require trials for our c1 ranks.

Please Note: Your trial may take time to organise; please be patient. We appreciate both your patience and interest in Keyers. A 2M rank fee is required immediately following your trial, if you pass.

Good luck and we look forward to seeing you.

Trial Ranks:
Dan Taylor
J ulian
Pyro Lord

After applying you may message any of the trial ranks on Runescape or on Discord (check out the Keyers FC discord server, the invite is on the homepage of

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