Stormwater Complaint Report
The storm drains in Schuylkill Township’s streets and parking lots flow directly to streams, rivers, lakes and the ocean without any type of treatment. No one is allowed to dump or discharge waste of any kind, including waste water from pools, onto street surfaces, drainage pipes, ditches or swales, or into storm drains.

Use this form to report issues such as discharges into Township storm drains, streets, culverts, rivers, creeks, etc. or any other drainage or water quality issue. To report a drainage or water quality problem by phone, call (610) 933-5843. If you would like to remain anonymous check the “Anonymous” box. If checked, any investigative report will become public information, however, the “Complainant” name will be marked anonymous. Note: a contact name, email, and address are still required so we may contact you for additional information and follow-up.

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