Discounted Training Program (DTP) at Shawl-Anderson Dance Center (SADC)
The DTP provides adult students with the opportunity to take any dance or conditioning class at SADC for a discounted rate of $12 per class (regular single class rate is $18 effective 1/6/20).

The program is for students earning $45,000 or less (total household income).

Applications for the DTP are due January 26, 2020. Applicants will be informed by January 31, 2020. Fifty dancers will be accepted for our pilot run of the Discounted Training Program, February 1-July 1, 2020.

The 50 students will be selected as follows based on income level and the category in which you are applying:
Retired, Unemployed, Working Artists, Students, Public School Employee, or General.

Retired = 10% of the spots (5 dancers)
Unemployed = 10% (5 dancers)
Working artists (of any art form) = 10% (5 dancers)
Students (college, graduate school, culinary school, PT school, etc) = 10% (5 dancers)
Public school employees = 10% (5 dancers)
General = 50% (25 dancers)

The remaining 25 spots will go to General, who are adult dance students of any level or age who are earning $45,000 or less total household income. The 25 will be selected based on income level, selecting from the lowest income students first.

If the 5 categories do not get filled, those spots will go into the General category. (For example, if only 3 students apply in the Student category, 2 spots will go in the General category, where the only criteria is income level.)

If your combined household income is over $45,000 annually but you believe you have extenuating circumstances that make you a candidate for the DTP, please complete the application and explain further in the last question.

All information shared on the application is confidential.
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Is there anything else you would like to share with us through this application? This is the space to list any extenuating circumstances. (For example, you might want us to know that you earn $45,000 but are going through a divorce and a custody lawsuit right now.)
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