ILWG Monthly A12 Sortie Request FY19
Use this form to request a short notice funded training sortie under the monthly A12 mission symbol.
All personnel must be fully qualified and/or properly supervised Commander-approved trainees with familiarization and preparatory training complete before signing into the mission.

Requests that include GT or UDF personnel are only authorized for Profile #3.

Approved profiles
1 - Visual Search Mission Profile
2 - Video Imaging Mission Profile
3 - Electronic Search Mission Profile. (May Include GT / UDF)
4 - Transportation Mission Profile 1.5 Hours, Req 3 airports
5 - Mission Pilot CAPF 91 Practice Profile
7 - Proficiency Flight Mission Profile (Must be coordinated with ILWG/DO or higher)
8 - Counterdrug Mission Profile
9 - Low-Level Route Survey (LLRS) Mission Profile
10- Take Off and Landing Proficiency Mission Profile (High Performance Aircraft Required, May Only Be Requested Once Every 90 Days By any 1 Pilot, Maximum 1.8 hours request)
11 - Aero-Tow Glider Flight Maximum 1.0 hours
12 - Ground-Launch Glider Flight no more than once every 30 days
13 - Tow Pilot Mission maximum 2.0 hours

Mission Profiles: Updated 01 Jan 2018. The new profiles are found at the link below.
Pilots will document a summary of profile training activity accomplished on the sortie 104 in the results and deliverables section.

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