Code with a Cause 2019: Nonprofit Application
In order to be eligible for the consideration, interested nonprofits need to complete this form by Monday, December 10th. All applicants will be selected and notified by Tuesday, December 18th.
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What is your organization's annual budget for your most recent fiscal year? *
What is the specific technology problem that you would need help solving? *
What does your project need to accomplish for you to consider it successful? In other words, what are conditions for success? *
How will completing your project advance your organization’s mission? *
If this project requires additional help (e.g. web hosting) what resources are in place to support it? *
How will you ensure this project is sustainable long term? Who will own/manage/support it? *
Please present your best case for why your nonprofit should be selected to participate in Code with a Cause. *
Attach a copy of the IRS Letter of Determination- NOTE- this is not the state sales and use tax exemption certificate. If there has been a name change provide copies of the amended state certificate of incorporation and amended IRS Letter of Determination. *
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