Community Funding Requests
The re-assignment of funding (which used to go to 'Plan International') has allowed the Equity and Reps committee of Halifax County Local to support community events and/or charities that are somehow connected to our members, right here in County. Please complete the following form and reach out to if you have any questions or concerns.

Criteria for Applying:
1. Must be a member of Halifax County Local, Nova Scotia Teachers Union.
2. Application must be completed (in full) by a Halifax County Local member.
3. Funding must be released to a group, organization, charity, etc., preferably within the geographical region that County is a part of. (Examples may include, but are certainly not limited to Scouts Canada, Girl Guides, YMCA, Youth Project, after school programs, Feed NS, Basketball NS, etc.)
4. The group, organization, charity, etc. must involve youth in some way and the funding must be dedicated to a component of this group that incorporates youth involvement in some way.
5. The request for funding must involve equity in some way. (For example, providing equal opportunity to all youth within a movement, providing opportunities and experiences that otherwise wouldn't be possible, etc.)
6. Funding must have a specific purpose or plan. Funding can support a specific event, buy a specific item, etc., as long it is in support of youth in our greater community.
7. Application must include a specific amount requested (with an estimated cost break down per item, component, etc.), up to a maximum of $1500.
8. A single member may apply multiple times, as long as, each application is for a different group, organization, etc. (Please note, if you are applying for a specific event within a given group/organization, a second event within the same group/organization would not be eligible for funding).
9.All applications are due Thursday, June 20, 2019.
Best of luck with your application! Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions.
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