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Looking for a way to join the arts community and engage with the artwork on display? At the Mennello Museum of American Art, we always have opportunities to help and we are in most need of docents, individuals who want to learn and teach about visual art! Volunteering has been shown to expand our personal connection to our peers and community combating social isolation. It helps us to feel good through reducing stress, learning new skills and improving our physical wellbeing.

Volunteers at the Mennello Museum of American Art support our staff by aiding with special events, workshops and guided tours, which strengthen visitor engagement in the arts, reinforce community experience, and expand our mission and vision of educational outreach.

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I understand that the City at times handles sensitive of confidential information. I agree to not disclose any information obtained by me while engaged in my volunteer duties unless specifically authorized in advance by a supervisor. I understand that my failure to comply with this paragraph will result in my removal from the volunteer program.I hereby, indemnify and hold the City harmless for any injury to myself or my property while engaged in volunteer activities with the City. I agree that the City will not be responsible for any activities, liability, suits or damages which occur during or as a result of my volunteer status with the City, which occur outside the scope of the responsibilities and duties assigned me.I hereby authorize the City of Orlando, its designee, or agent, to receive full and complete disclosure of all records relating to me.The statements made by me in this application are true and complete to the best of my knowledge. I understand that any misstatements or material omission on this application will be considered sufficient cause to disqualify me for volunteer opportunities with the City of Orlando. *
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We are grateful to our volunteers and could not achieve the goals of the museum without your time and help! *
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